October 21, 2023 should be marked in your calendars!  This is the date for this year’s iteration of the HIP annual networking event the so called “HIP Carousel”. In 2023 we will repeat the “Networking Brunch” as requested by many members.  The annual Networking Event is part of the Women’s Economical days by the Ministry […]

The annual “Frauenwirtschaftstage” event, an initiative of the Ministry of Economy in Baden-Württemberg, is once again in the planning stages, and HIP will be creating another great Carousel gathering (our 7th Edition), to help promote women and their professional development. Interested women and men in the Rhein-Neckar region and beyond are welcome to share their […]

We are proud to announce that the HIP Carousel 2020 will take place as a virtual event on October 17th! The HIP CAROUSEL is a free one-day event held in English for and by professional women, where we come together to promote our businesses and boost our careers. Under the umbrella of the Frauenwirtschaftstage, it’s […]

The HIP Carousel is back by popular demand! The event, part of Baden-Württemberg’s ‘Frauenwirtschaftstage’ or Women’s Business Days, is about creating a space of sharing and exchange to further the professional development of our members and any interested international women in the Rhine-Neckar. We are also supported by the Office of Equal Opportunity in Heidelberg. […]

On July 7th a team of HIP members and their families joined the NCT charity run for cancer research. Our team was one of 300 to walk, run and skate on the course and finished on position 15 of the ranking with 66 rounds. With 22 people on the course we collected 580 € donations. […]

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