HIP Carousel 2022

HIP Business Networking Carousel 2022

What are you doing on Saturday October 22nd?

Save the date and join us for this year’s iteration of the HIP annual networking event the socalled “HIP Carousel”. In 2022 we will go for a “Networking Brunch”.

The Networking Event is part of the Women’s Economical days by the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Tourism in Baden in conjunction with the Heidelberg Department of Equal Opportunity.

Networking Brunch on Oct 22 focused on WOMEN BUILDING THE FUTURE

May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears

Nelson Mandela

In a new venue you will be a part of a creative experience as every single participant becomes an actor in this dynamic business networking format.  We will establish a safe space and a simple process to support everyone in developing their networking match.

Our aim at HIP e.V. is bring together women from various international firms and backgrounds to exchange ideas, learn from one another’s experiences, and develop skills that will enhance both professional and personal success. 

Throughout the day you could either participate in workshops (topics to be completed currently) or you go for a networking pitch to find the best discussions for yourself.

Whether you are self-employed or building your corporate career you will find the perfect match for discussions.

You don’t know what to expect with a Networking Pitch?

This is a very easy opportunity for yourself to shine at the HIP Carousel.

In very seconds and a few sentences you introduce your person and the topic you are interested in. Let the audience know what discussions you are looking for, what keeps you up at night, which idea you want to build on, which question you want to have answered or which obstacles you want to solve.

Let your curiosity lead you to connect around your individual ideas. It doesn’t need a time-consuming preparation – Go for it to find the best match for your idea.

Reserve your spot for a networking pitch today or contact us to get further explanations on it.

We offer an opened and public format with the main hall devoted to meeting and exploring in small groups over snacks and drinks, while a variety of workshops or round table discussions take place in an adjacent conference room. Everyone can choose where their own interests lead them.

The Networking Brunch “HIP Carousel” 2022 is taking form now so stay tuned for frequent updates. 

Would you like to see something specific on the agenda?  Feel free to send us your ideas to us at: carousel@hipwf.com

While there’s no guarantee, there is possibility. Start building your future by participating now and help us to shape this event to meet your needs and aspirations!

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