Networking Brunch

Vibrant networking atmosphere at HIP Networking Brunch 2023.
City mayor and her officer engaging with participants at HIP Networking Brunch 2023.
ngaging discussions and connections at HIP Networking Brunch 2023.
Meaningful connections and mentorship at HIP Networking Brunch 2023.


∙ Inspirational Talks
∙ Professional Networking
∙ Interactive Workshops
∙ Empowering Discussions
∙ Mentorship Opportunities
∙ Career Advancement
∙ Community Support
∙ Lively Atmosphere and Fun
∙ Nourishing Buffet
…and a Secret Surprise!

“Whether you're a seasoned professional, a budding entrepreneur, or somewhere in between, our inclusive community welcomes you with open arms.”

Natalia McGlinchey
Networking Brunch Coordinator
Illustration of a woman seeking pitch speakers for the Networking Brunch event.


The Networking Brunch is open to female professionals from diverse backgrounds, industries, and career stages. This event is all about celebrating the power of women in the professional world and fostering meaningful connections that empower and inspire.

Free admission


How to contribute

We’re currently seeking volunteers to help bring this event to life. Whether you’re an event planner extraordinaire, a location scout with an eye for the perfect spot, or someone who loves connecting with speakers and organizing logistics, we’d love to have you join us. 

Volunteers needed!

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