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HIP Carousel 2019: International women at work

Thanks to all participants for a great HIP Carousel 2019!

We had captivating presentations by HIP members, two workshops with engaged participants and an interview on female leadership with one our founding members. Stay tuned for our impressions and pictures to be published here.

The HIP Carousel is a one-day event held in English for and by professional women, where we come together to promote our businesses and boost our careers. Under the umbrella of the Frauenwirtschaftstage, it’s always a warm, fun, professional event that allows us to showcase the variety of talent in the region, gain new insight from talks and panel sessions, take part in workshops, learn from each other and forge new connections.

The future of work (workshop)

Digital transformation at the workplace

Many HIP members are self-employed but at least as many are employed women in all levels of corporate hierarchy. In this workshop we focused on the impact of digitalization on our daily life and work. We discussed the changes in our working environment and the impact they have on us.

HIP Carousel 2019 the future of work
Presentation for dowload
The future of Work Workshop Wiebke Wetzel Graphic Recording

Building confidence to boost leadership (workshop)

How confident are you really? In a short workshop we worked on ways to enhance our sense of self and build on our strengths. The participants learned how to slip into a growth mindset which flips the impact of mistakes and failures we encounter, turing them into golden nuggets of potential. About 50 women participated in the workshop. The activity was worked out by Patricia Comolet, Luz Mary Santiago and Janine Bendel and designed to raise awareness of how our strengths play out in our lives. We provided a discussion based framework to reflect on and share around our strengths. Six different topics were offered to the ladies. Afterwards we discussed the contributions during a debrief to reveal new perspectives that will help us to recognize our own power in leadership.

Building Self-Confidence Wiebke Wetzel Graphic Recording

Trust your inner wisdom (living library)

Petra Kaiser shared with us her experience of leaving the US after many years to come back to Germany. She had struggled with the decision until she found a way to connect to her inner voice. She prepared for the move by looking for allies in Germany before even arriving here. Thus, she found HIP.

HIP Carousel 2019 Petra Kaiser
HIP CArousel trust your inner wisdom

Living your legend (living library)

Annabelle Baptista-Baumann spoke on her journey from being “just a wife and mother” hiding in the background to building a career as an English teacher and standup comedian. As a child she thought that she didn’t fit in.As an African American woman in Germany she was trying to hide in plain sight. Now she has big, hairy and audacious goals and will make her way in a world built by men.

HIP Carousel 2019 Anabelle Baptista-Baumann living your legend
Living your legend Wiebke Wetzel Graphic recording

From devastation to liberation (Living Library)

In her impressive speach Marjah Meinefeld spoke about her way from loosing her husband in war and being a pregnant single mother to finding a new strength. The mantra of her talk was “No matter the devastation I use that desperation to create liberation for the amazing woman I am!”.

Marjah Meinefeld Fomr devastation to liberation

Engineering & ingenuity in a men’s world

To close the event Tracie Marquardt interviewed Jennifer Watson, one of the HIP founding members, on how she built a career in a men’s industry. Jennifer shared with us three skills she needed to be successful:

  • focus on her fundamentals as sleep, food and exercise
  • “stick-to-it-iveness” (persistance)
  • knowing her stuff and being good in what she does
HIP CArousel 2019 Jennifer Watson
HIP CArousel 2019 Wiebke Wetzel Graphic Recording

An event like this cannot be done without the help of many volunteers

volunteers at HIP Carousel 2020

20 women and 4 teenagers from the age of 11 helped to set up the rooms, staffed the cafe and jumped in whenever support was needed. All was planned meticulously to make sure all volunteers new their tasks. They enjoyed helping out and the children learned from the tasks they were assigned

Thanks for the wonderful support each year!

The HIP Carousel was supported by our sponsors and entrepreneurs


Stadt Heidelberg
Amt für Chancengleichheit

Heidelberger Dienste gGmbH

Shuchi Sharma
HIP Founding Member

Fabiana Matucci
HIP Founding Member

Frédérique Thiriet-Smith
HIP Founding Member

Juliah Rais-Morres
Serai Cooking – Malay & Asian Catering

Olga Kuzminykh
Interpreting Studio – Russian-German-English

Manuela Toteva
Marketing & Communications

Tracie Marquardt
Quality Assurance Communication

Gabriela Zuliani
HIP Carousel Chairperson

Jane Eggers
Translations German-English

Charlotte Kwan
HIP Member

Lauren Seufert
emOcean Consulting

BPW Mannheim-Ludwigshafen e.V.
Business Professional Women

Annika von Redwitz
von redwitz Consult – Diversity Management


Stadt Heidelberg
Amt für Chancengleichheit

Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut

Klaudia Karamandi Fashion
Your Code of Personality

Martina Miga
Groove & Soothe for Kids

Karin Kleinherbers
Heilpraktikerin für TCM und Shiatsu

Judy Linares
Judy Cocina – Finest Home Cooking

BPW Mannheim-Ludwigshafen e.V.
Business Professional Women

Ekaterina Kardakova
Online Musikschule Creative TechLab

Michèle Ribeiro
Consulting, Training, Coaching

Heidelberg International Women’s Club e.V.
Social – Cultural – Charitable

Meryem Fankhauser
Arganem – Pure Argan Oil

Simone Jordan
Financial Consultant for MLP

Vivienne Friedrich and Amarpal Sohi
LR – Health and Beauty

Isabella Stadler
BELLE IKAT- Handwoven Ikat Fashion

Anastassia Stuerz

Pictures by Anastassia Stuerz, Graphic Recordings by Wiebke Wetzel