Heidelberg International Professional Women's Forum

HIP Carousel 2016 Frauenwirtschaftstage

HIP Carousel 2016



The HIP Carousel 2016 has come and gone, once again leaving behind a rich array of learning, connecting and opportunities.

Held in partnership with the IHK, Standort Heidelberg, and the Amt fur Chancengeleichheit, our event opened with a podium discussion based on the theme of the Frauenwirtschaftstage ‘Migrant Women at Work ‘ which explored the challenges and opportunities available to international women moving into the Rhine-Neckar region. Using the real life experiences of 4 of our members the discussion underlined the importance of learning the language and building and using a professional network.

Following the podium discussion 3 activities ran simultaneously:

  • The Carousel itself, where HIP entrepreneurs spent time sharing their highs and lows and subsequent learnings gleaned from having built their own businesses.
  • The mini-presentations, where HIP members told stories of major impact in their professional lives which brought them significant life lessons.
  • The Networking Center where our visitors could mingle for extended discussions while having a snack provided by Juliah Rais Morres from Serai Catering.

The day wound up with a final podium discussion on Women and Technology. Four HIP members shared their journeys in mastering and leveraging technology in their careers. The crux of the discussion left us with clear evidence that change is here to stay and it is up to us to use the tools at our disposal to move us forward towards our goals.  A continuous growth mindset is the key to that mastery as well as a positive attitude about how technology can help us.  If you can’t beat them, join them!

As the Carousel 2016 came to a close we were thrilled to see many new contacts and plans already blooming.  Now for each of us to nurture the possibilities contained in those new relationships.  Our goal was to connect, inspire and build.  Satisfied with our experience we look forward to 2017 with anticipation and enthusiasm.

HIP Carousel 2016 Frauenwirtschaftstage


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