2015 HIP tour at the BASF


I believe I am pretty well informed about what’s going on in the Rhine-Neckar area – but I have lived here and had never heard of the BASF Visitor Center and all the cool things they offer. So thanks to HIP for organizing this! For this special occasion HIP members brought their family, children included.  It was an opportunity to see a global company from the inside. 

On June 13th 2015 we met at The BASF Visitor Center for a special welcome and introduction before our bus tour; kids were able to launch a rocket or learn what a superabsorbent is (yes, that’s what in the diaper of your little siblings).

During the tour Ms Rudloff, our English speaking guide, showed us the inner workings of this giant industrial plant which has such a large impact on this area and the world.  It was interesting to see the sheer size of this conglomerate and learn about how it ticks. The bus tour was informative and you really got a feeling for the size: the Ludwigshafen site covers more than ten square kilometers, making it the world’s largest integrated chemical facility. There are thousands of bikes, several buses and train stops. But we also learned a lot about the history and products. Everybody who was there will remember what the letters in BASF stand for but also which smell is characteristic for BASF 🙂 Will you ever look at a bubbly drink again and not think ‘the bubbles in there are a waste product from BASF’?

Following this excursion we had another hour to explore and discover the new Visitor Center: 2000 square meters of multi-media and interactive exhibits – either to explore some more things or network while their kids enjoyed the experiments.

We learned more about chemistry, business and the people that make it happen! It was a great day out and gave us much food for thought. Thanks to the HIPsters who suggested it and made it happen!

Getting a first-hand experience with this rich exhibit center will surely entice you to come back again! Check out the Visitor Center website (in German) to plan what you want to focus on.

By the way – the bus tour takes place once a month and anyone can visit the Visitor Center… Check it out!

I will definitely return for the kids’ lab, which also takes place once a month. How about combining the Visitor Center, bus tour and kids’ lab? You’ll be exhausted, but you have learned a lot!

See here for more information about the Family Program in the Kids’ Lab (in German).

Kerstin Lambert, HIP Steering Committee Member

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