Heidelberg International Professional Women’s Forum

In 2023 our organization entered a new chapter with a new logo and full rebranding that captures the essence of our vibrant community. This strategic shift aims to infuse deeper meaning into every aspect of our vision, mission, values and brand, establishing a foundation that resonates with every woman, regardless of nationality or professional background. Our revamped identity encourages women from all over the globe who landed in the region to embrace a sense of motivation, exchange ideas, and harness collective experiences.

Colors play a pivotal role in our new branding journey.
● The inclusive blue symbolizes unity, bringing together diverse minds under one umbrella.
● Inviting red reflects our warm embrace, inviting all women to participate and contribute.
● Bold pink embodies the courage that defines us, propelling us to step out of comfort zones and make meaningful impacts.

On our website you can learn all about the Heidelberg International Professional Women’s Forum (HIP) including how we got started, our mission and purpose, what we have been doing and where we are heading. We invite you to peruse these pages and consider whether HIP might be the professional association you have been looking for!

Why should you become a member of HIP?

Are you a woman looking for a community?  Maybe you’re new to the region, maybe you’re looking to make a change in your career, or maybe you want to launch your own business. 


      • If what you need is a group you can rely on to support you through the challenges, nudge you to dare and try something new, and celebrate with when success is achieved;

      • If what you need is regular connection and learning opportunities;

      • If what you need is diversity, fresh perspectives, in depth discussion on pertinent professional topics;

    Then what you need is the Heidelberg International Professional Women’s Forum.

    Why waste a single moment when you could get going on your journey now? 

    For more information on HIP e.V. see our Charter here.