HIP Carousel 2017: International Women at Work

It was a great day!

The day got off to a wonderful start when Martina Knobloch, the event organizer, gave some interesting statistics on the program. In a very light-hearted way she described the hard work and engagement so many participants put into making the Carousel 2017 a success.

There was some time to peruse the 20 stands belonging to our entrepreneurs before joining the first podium discussion on Digital Resource for Business Success. Wiebke Wetzel has extracted all the hard information provided by our panelists, consolidating it into a lovely storyboard now available (scroll down for pictures).

Then it was back for in-depth discussions with our entrepreneurs, learning about which products or services they provide, but also listening to their stories, tips and tricks of being a business owner.

Food was provided by Juliah Morres from Serai Malaysian Kitchen and great photos were taken by Dorothee Piroelle and Pauline Knobloch.

Our mini-presentations were sprinkled through-out the rest of the day sharing member’s lessons learned in hopes of encouraging other women to follow their dreams towards their own professional success. Wiebke continued to capture learnings and the spirit of each talk.

The last podium discussion on Creative Networking for Professional Visibility showed the diversity of our HIP membership and how by combining their collective intelligence we can come up with very pragmatic ideas on options to success in networking even for those introverts among us.

To sum up, fun was had by all; learning as well. And now it is up to everyone to build on the connections and ideas which were shared by converting those ideas into strategic actions!

All the best from your organizing team.

Pictures by Dorothée Piroelle, Graphic Recordings by Wiebke Wetzel

Heidelberg International Professional Women's Forum