HIP Carousel 2017: International Women at Work

HIP carousel frauenwirtschaftstage heidelberg 2017

The HIP Carousel is back by popular demand!

The event, part of Baden-Württemberg’s ‘Frauenwirtschaftstage’ or Women’s Business Days, is about creating a space of sharing and exchange to further the professional development of our members and any interested international women in the Rhine-Neckar. We are also supported by the Office of Equal Opportunity in Heidelberg.

October 21st 2017
3rd HIP Carousel
International Women at Work
an event of the Frauenwirtschaftstage
NH Hotel Heidelberg, Bergheimer Strasse 91

About the HIP Carousel

The Carousel is an open-space networking event for women in the Rhine-Neckar area to find inspiration, answers to questions, and concrete resources to help them succeed in their professional development.

The event is part of the Frauenwirtschaftstage Baden-Württemberg with the headline Opportunities for Women in the digital Working Environment.

In cooperation with

Die Stadt Heidelberg ist Partner des HIP Carousel

Das Land Baden-Württemberg ist Partner des HIP Carousel

HIP Carousel entrepreneurs

HIP Carousel corporate, employed & science women

HIP Carousel podium discussions

A trade show with a broad array of entrepreneurs sharing why and how they set up and grow their businesses.

An area devoted to employed women sharing their career paths with the obstacles and opportunities they have encountered along the way. Our members come from businesses both small and large and can be found at our CAS (Corporate, Academic, and Scientific) tables.

Personal stories of the learnings which have propelled our members forward and round-table discussions on pertinent topics for international women building their professional selves in the Rhine-Neckar region.

It is our pleasure to personally invite you to be a part of the latest version of the HIP Carousel: International Women at Work.  We’re convinced that everyone can find great value and contribute resources through their discussions, questions and by sharing your own experience.

Follow this space to stay abreast of the Carousel development.  Discussion topics will be listed as well as the names and info on the entrepreneurs and employed women involved.

Join us in this event!

The Carousel is our organization’s major event and requires the participation and support of each and every one of us. There are different opportunities for your contribution – either showcase your business at the small trade show, be part of the minipresentations or podium discussion or join the team of volunteers.

1. Entrepreneurs are invited to participate at the exhibition to present their business to the general public. Each stand has a size of appr. 1.5m x 1.5 m and includes a table (rectangular or bistro table) and a pinboard if needed. The fee for the exhibition booth is 40 €.

Sign up now – only a few tables are left!

2. Participate at the mini presentations – these are 7 min. presentations to share your lessons-learned.

3. Be part of the volunteer team to organize the event. Support the set-up and the event day.
Join us to be a part of the fun and get to know your fellow HIPsters on a deeper, more collaborative level.

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Title picture by Wiebke Wetzel (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence), all other pictures © Dorothée Piroelle. For prints of event pictures please contact Dorothée.