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At HIP we are a network of entrepreneurs and women who work in corporations, academia and science.

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Coaching, Counselling & Training


I am employed as an Incorporate English Trainer at Target Training GmbH. Target Training offers Bu Edit content siness English, Intercultural and Soft Skills solutions to companies working internationally. I am also the host of Bauenglish.com; a website boasting humorous Business English language learning, light-hearted presentation skills training and cultural hilarity.

Annabelle Baptista-Baumann English Trainer


Annabelle Baptista-Baumann
email: englishtrainer@hotmail.com
website: www.bauenglish.com

What can coaching do for you?Every change – of location, employment, status, or life cycle – is a moment of instability. It requires an often unconscious mental adaptation to the new situation. The quality and speed of this process can determine the success or failure of the change itself.

And yet, facing change can often trigger mental paralysis. The fear of losing what we have or what we know, the fear of facing the unknown, can keep us from realizing our dreams. Luckily all change, whether voluntary or imposed, is an opportunity for personal growth leading us forward towards new horizons.

Coaching facilitates this process of transition, providing structure and support, opening up new options and liberating our inherent potential to succeed.

patricia comolet transition coaching


Patricia Comolet
email: pc@camcomcoaching.com
website: www.camcomcoaching.com

Getting new B2B clients is one thing. Keeping them is another!

I am a B2B trainer for businesses who want to impress their clients with with top notch service.

Let me show you how you can give your clients exactly the support they need while lightening the load for your Client Service department. My goal is for you to have satisfied, long-term clients.

I bring 10 years of experience in technical client service and training (B2B and B2Academia) to boost your business​. Isn’t it time for you to reap the benefits of great client service?

Wiebke Wetzel Kundenservice Training

Wiebke Wetzel | Kundenzauberin
Customer Experience Training
Phone: 0173 – 682 1295
email: w.w@wiebke-wetzel.de
Kundenzauberin Website

IT & Technology

As a payment specialist I advise your company in the areas of bank account management (BAM) and bank transaction management (BTM). I support you in these areas:

  • implement the TIS payment platform (SaaS software of Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH)
  • test new releases
  • train end-users and administrators in German and English
  • translate financial texts (EN->DE)
  • Kerstin Lambert Payment Specialist


Kerstin Lambert | Payment Specialist
Phone: 06221 – 892828
email: k_b_lambert@hotmail.com

Marketing & Events

Marketing on demand – individually and tailored to your needs!

I am a Marketing professional with more than 15 years experience on the job in Life Sciences industry. My key focus includes conception, planning and the realization of marketing activities according the customer´s needs and challenges.

Today your company can benefit from my expertise combined with fresh creativity. I am happy to step in, flexible, individually and realiable to support your Marketing and Events team in their projects.

Martina Knobloch Events & Marketing
Dr. Martina Knobloch
MK – Marketing.Kommunikation.Events.
Phone: +49 172 5 111 548
Email: info@m-knobloch.de
Website: www.m-knobloch.de