HIP Carousel 2019: International women at work


We are proud to announce that this year’s HIP Carousel will take place on October 19, 2019. 

The HIP CAROUSEL is a one-day event held in English for and by professional women, where we come together to promote our businesses and boost our careers. Under the umbrella of the Frauenwirtschaftstage(https://wm.baden-wuerttemberg.de/de/arbeit/gleichstellung-in-der-wirtschaft/frauenwirtschaftstage/), it’s always a warm, fun, professional event that allows us to showcase the variety of talent in the region, gain new insight from talks and panel sessions, take part in workshops, learn from each other and forge new connections.

This year’s event will be our fifth HIP Carousel! Our theme is “Female Leadership”, and we’re already busy putting together an exciting programme for you.

How can you be part of the HIP Carousel?

  1. Sign up for an entrepreneur’s table:

Do you run a business you want to tell people about? Then why not sign up for an entrepreneur’s table? You’ll have your own space in the hall where you can advertise your products or services, offering visitors to the event an opportunity to talk to you to find out more.

  1. Be a volunteer on the day:

There’s also plenty of opportunity to help things run smoothly on the day. Sign up as a volunteer and you’ll not only be supporting our HIP community, but will also be right where the action is, part of the team and getting to know everyone from the inside. Typical tasks for our HIP volunteers include making sure speakers and workshop participants are in the right place at the right time, checking that exhibitors have everything they need, greeting guests and generally ensuring that things look tidy and welcoming.

  1. Join in the HIP Carousel fun as a visitor:

Come and join us on October 19 – we’d love to see you!

I’d love to have a table at the event!
Click here to sign up for an entrepreneur’s table (please transfer a donation of €40 to HIP to help cover the cost the event):

I’d love to help on the day!
Click here to sign up as a volunteer on the day of the Carousel:

I’d love to come to the HIP Carousel!
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The event will take place at:

Gemeindehaus der Friedensgemeinde Handschuhsheim
(Friedenskirche Community Hall, in Handschuhsheim,)

An der Tiefburg 10 / Entrance in Kriegstraße
69121 Heidelberg

As there is limited parking at the location we recommend coming by public transport if possible (bus/tram stop Hans Thoma Platz).

Keep in contact

The HIP Carousel offers plenty to interest any professional woman looking to move ahead in her career, and you can be sure that there’ll be lots of interesting topics and thought-provoking discussion. Check back here regularly to see details of the programme as we post them, or – even better – stay up-to-date by following us on: