Kerstin Brunner, speaker of the HIP workshop on health insurance and pension in Germany

New date! How to read official documents in Germany

In Germany we do have many types of official documents. Most of them are on German and very complex. In this workshop you learn more about how to read official documents and what kind of information this documents provide.

We will have a deeper look into:

• Payslip, especially how social payment (pension, health insurance, care …) is calculated.

• Pension information from state side. We talk about what you can expect regarding disability pension, family coverage like widow’s, widower’s and orphan’s pension and retirement pension.

• We will have a deeper look into insurance documents. Learn more about your current coverage and if it matches to your life situation based on the details the insurance documents provide.

The workshop is free for members of HIP e.V.. Guest are welcome – we will charge 15€ to cover expenses.


Kerstin Brunner Financial Ambassador and Coach

Coming from abroad it could be difficult to clarify all your questions regarding insurances, finance and other topics which are automatically connected with your start in Germany. Comprehensive financial advice helps you to shape your future independently with an expert at your side. The holistic approach covers knowledge in areas such as insurances, investments, banking, retirement planning, financing and puts all areas in context. Working hand in hand with a financial expert gives you more confidence to make financial decisions on your own, and more time for things you really like.

“A very good professional education is the foundation of my work,” says Kerstin Brunner. “My heart’s desire is to work with people. Get to know them in their current life situation. And to develop concepts with them accordingly, so that they can achieve their goals and wishes. For me it is particularly interesting to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. From the beginning of my career as Financial Coach it was clear to me that we do have a very large gap in the area of ​​English services here in Germany. I am here to build a bridge to provide that possibility.”

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    06 May 2023


    10:00 am - 1:00 pm


    Treff am Turm
    Franz-Kruckenberg-Str. 54, 69126 Heidelberg


    Pooja Mohnani

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