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Leadership and Teams Foundations

High-speed technological advancements, high demands on achieving goals and hence high pressure on teams is what many organisations are facing in current times.

Performing successfully under these circumstances, requires a sound team culture, where team members are well-connected on a social level fostering healthy, trustworthy relationships.

In this practical and interactive half-day workshop I will introduce you to aspects of the Limbic Performance System (LPS) Model of Leadership and Team Effectiveness and how you can use it to:

  • Understand how beliefs define your reality and how you can change your beliefs to change your performance and results
  • Deepen trust and openness in your working relationships
  • Become conscious of your values and activate team values

So you can:

  • Remove hidden blocks to your performance and get more effective results with less effort
  • Create a team culture where people thrive, feel safe and are open and honest about how they feel
  • Understand what is most important to you and your motivation
  • Create a behaviour code based on unified values in your team, increasing understanding, consistency and effectiveness

Your take-aways will serve you on both a personal and team level

Michèle F. Ribeiro – enabling conscious leadership and effective plus humane teams

Her corporate knowledge in different cultures, her expertise in personal development and her personal experiences as a woman in the business world, make her stand for women in business, cultural awareness and conscious leadership.

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    21 May 2022


    10:30 am - 1:30 pm




    Lecture-Room der Schiller-Universität
    Zollhofgarten 1


    Frédérique Thiriet-Smith

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