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Building a trustful and long-lasting personal and business relationship with Chinese

Today, globalization is unstoppable, making it the norm that people from diverse cultural backgrounds work and live together on a daily base. At the same time, we all know that trust is the foundation of long lasting and successful partnerships. But how can we build that trust when we don’t understand the covert cultural signals being sent?

China, the Middle Kingdom, opened its doors to the world more than 30 years ago and has developed into one of the largest economic centers of the world. However, for many westerners, this country, its people and culture remain mysteriously hidden like something of a closed book.

Hong-Hong has been working and living in both Europe and Asia over the last decades allowing her insight into the interaction between the European and Chinese cultures.  In this presentation, she will show us how to find the right path for building that fundamental trust so we can build a successful business relationship with Chinese and ultimately reap the fruits of international cooperation.

3 key take-aways

  • There are differences between Chinese and Westerners, none-the-less we are all human.
  • Chinese may be strangers, but they are not strange! Get involved with them.
  • For the Chinese, a trustful relationship comes from the heart, not from the head.


Ms. HongHong Xu was born in Beijing, has been working and living in both China and Germany since 1988. She holds a Master of Engineering in Materials Science from Technical University Darmstadt (1995) and MBA from University Mannheim (2000). She is senior manager at BASF SE.

Feel free to bring friends who are not HIP members by sharing the link of this event and having her sign up as well.  Hope to see you there!

Registration: please use this Doodle to confirm your participation

Format: Speaker presentation and Q&A

Food: Order what you want and pay for what you order

Donations: Our group puts on events through donations from members at the event so we ask for a €10 donation. We thank you for your support!

Location: The venue is located in Heidelberg Kirchheim. It can be reached by Bus 33 to Gregor Mendel Realschule or Pleikartsförster Strasse.

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Picture by Dorothée Piroelle

2016 HIP Sabine Keller

Getting Our “Ducks in a Row” with Sabine Keller

On Saturday April 23rd we all had the opportunity to learn from Sabine Keller the ins and outs of ‘Getting Our Ducks in a Row’ – that is taking care, in advance, of having our affairs in order, just in case something happened, such as an illness or accident, which would impede our ability to speak for ourselves.  The discussion covered the importance of who would be in charge or our things, our families, but even more important, ourselves.  We explored the difference between advance directives, living wills and the power of attorney.

The interest was high and Sabine answered the many questions with patience and knowledge.  As this is a service she offers she is clear on where she can guide and advise and where it is important for us to seek legal aide.

As international women with our lives sometimes spread out over several countries, she underlined the importance of cross-checking that our wishes and directives are formulated in all the necessary languages and according to the different countries requirements so as to facilitate any processes that must be put in place by those people we appoint to do so.

Sabine underlined that while we hope the chances are slim of something so drastic happening to us, it can.  It is up to us to be prepared, saving those who love and care for us the anguish of dealing with obscure regulations at a time when they will also be dealing with the emotions which are part and parcel of just such a situation.

Funnily enough the discussion was not grey and heavy, but stimulating and vibrant.  We felt the power of a group coming together to help one another achieve a very important task that we all need to deal with.

Another important topic which will help us be on the top of our professional and personal lives.

HIP night out
HIP night out
HIP night out
2015 HIP event

Do More of the Things You Love!

Over 20 women joined the HIP Event “Do More of the Things You Love!” with guest speaker Helge Thomas. After networking and chatting at the beginning of the event, Helge presented us his life story – sharing his most important influencers, including the people and events in his life, the music, books and films which left a major impact.

From a steady job in the insurance business, passing through theater, various jobs and a post as Creative Director at ProEvent, Helge has come full circle to the one activity which makes him forget time: film. Making movies.

Along the way he has learned to embrace his own identity as a ‘scanner’ – someone with multiple interests and capabilities. He is now always searching for the state of ‘flow’ which signals to him his total engagement in what he does.

Helge encouraged everyone to pay attention to what makes us tick, respect what brings us fulfillment and trust that our skills and qualities are there to guide us to our life’s purpose.

Date: Saturday, April 25, 2015

LocationHelmstätter Herrenhaus, Heidelberg

See the gallery below for photos from the event. All photos by HIP Member Dorothée Piroelle. Should you be interested in having a high resolution version of any of the photos, please contact HIP Steering Committee Member Christine Funke.