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2017 HIP christmas party

HIP christmas celebration

Time flies and it is December soon. The HIP Steering Committee wants to celebrate another great year of presentations, workshops and networking by inviting you for a drink at our annual christmas party.

Share the key learnings from the year and speak about your most important resolution for 2018. Have fun at the white elephant gift exchange. Choose one item from your basement, cupboards, or garage you have no use for, wrap it nicely and burst with curiosity on who will be the new owner. One person’s coal can be another person’s diamonds! Maybe you will be the next proud owner of that lovely scarf or those unbelievable kitschy set of coasters. But don’t celebrate too soon – somebody else might steal it from you.

While we don’t take an entrance fee please pay for what you eat and drink.

Let us know if you will be coming in this Doodle.

HIP night out – January – Taverna Knossos

We meet up the 2nd Wednesday of every month in an informal atmosphere for drinks and/or dinner. It’s held in a different venue every month to help everyone discover new places in the Heidelberg area. We also try to show-case our members’ establishments whenever possible. Hopefully this casual evening provides new members with a more intimate, less busy moment to get to know a few regulars better as well.

This month’s location is the Greek Taverna Knossos in Heidelberg. The restaurant is quite hidden in the backyard of the Leonardo Hotel. It can be reached on foot from bus lines 32 & 35 or Tram 22 at the stop Altes Hallenbad or from bus 33 & 34 or Tram 5, 21, 22 & 26 at the stop Stadtbücherei. The next Parking Garages are P15 (Klinikum Bergheim) and P16 (Stadtbücherei).

This event is quite popular and we’re thrilled to provide a relaxed opportunity to network for our members. Looking forward to seeing you this time for a relaxing evening! Please let Annabelle Baptista-Baumann know if you’ll be coming in this Doodle poll (no login required).

While there is no entrance fee or suggested donation, please pay for what you order at the restaurant.

HIP joins NCT run against cancer 2016 charity

NCT-RUNning against cancer

This year’s NCT-RUNning against cancer was another great success, bringing in over 105,000€ to beat back cancer.  We walked, we ran, we went with Nordic poles and trotters, with our kids and our enthusiasm. And, ta-da! HIP came in 27th in contributions ahead of the over 275 teams signed up for the event!. That’s not bad ladies, congratulations!

We’re planning on making this an annual project so please schedule for next year’s event on July 7, 2017.  Let’s show them all that we’re ‘Women on the Run’!

Many thanks to Cheryl for the classy T-shirts which made us feel very official!