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HIP workshop accounting bookkeeping

Workshop on Accounting & Bookkeeping with Steffen Ziegler

It’s time to think about your 2017 tax statement! A topic most entrepreneurs dread, because it means fixing all the mistakes in our accounting we made last year and closing all the gaps. So let’s get this year off to the best start possible by improving our understanding of the accounting and taxation involved in working in Germany. This presentation is useful for both the self-employed and the employed. Steffen Ziegler will be focusing on the following 5 points:

1) Taxes and income
2) Profit Determination
3) Business Expenses
4) Registration
5) Resources

After clarifying these essential points Steffen will answer as many questions as he can, taking each question to the general understanding useful for the most participants possible. We can all understand that he will be unable to delve into individual’s specific situations to solve their administrative challenges!

Speaker: Steffen Ziegler

We are pleased to be working with Steffen Ziegler, a Certified Tax Advisor in Germany with an MBA in International Taxation. Before launching his own consultancy in 2016 he had accumulated over 20 years of experience working with EDF, Bansbach and Dekra. Fluent in English, Steffen has prepared a presentation customized to our needs as international women working in Germany.


While there is no entrance fee we suggest a donation of 10€ per person to cover our expenses.

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SEO: using search engines for business and private life

We are fully booked!

Search engine optimisation is something every woman should understand – even if she doesn’t have a website herself. We all use search engines like Google every day. It’s become part of our lives and we don’t spend many thoughts on them. Did you know that I may get different search results than you do, when we use the same keywords? That’s the Google filter bubble.

Entrepreneurs love and hate Google. We love it when our website is shown above the videos and pictures. And we hate it, when we just don’t manage to be shown on the first page. And many women don’t like to fiddle with computers anyway. We also hate it when we have to pay the bill for a SEO agency.

Join me to learn some facts about and beyond Google. So that you understand the results you get when you search. And so that you understand what other people search for and can adapt your website to it. I have learned it and I know that you will learn it in this workshop. Bring your laptop, so that you can follow me with keywords that are important for you.

The event will be at the Schiller International University Heidelberg in the Bahnstadt.

wiebke wetzel seo

Wiebke Wetzel • Kundenzauberin is a freelance Business Trainer for Customer Experience and Customer Service. She also blogs about service related topics. Wiebke began to learn SEO, when she needed to find customers (she still does) and wanted to have full control of her own website. Within a short time she was on the first page of Google for some keywords in her industry. And her best customer found her in Google. Wiebke is the webmaster for HIP.



The eveevent sponsornt is sponsored by the
International Schiller University Heidelberg.



Picture by William Iven on Unsplash.com

social media marketing

Marketing yourself in social media with Austeja Subaciute and Larisa Balanovskaya

On Juli 21st we had the opportunity to improve our personal branding in an interactive workshop with Austėja Subačiūtė and Larisa Balanovskaya. The workshop addressed branding ourselves as individual professionals and as business owners.

Austėja explained to us the methodology of psychographic consumer segmentation, showing us the importance of understanding consumers as humans with full lives. We also learned that for successful communication it is critical to start with understanding the needs of consumers instead of trying to push our brand attributes.

Buidling up on Austeja’s presentation, Larisa talked about how to apply the principles of branding online. In her presentation she covered two platforms: Facebook and LinkedIn. She explained what a business owner can do to create exposure and awareness for business on Facebook as well as to enhance the customer experience and ultimately increase sales. After discussing some rules of successful Facebook pages, Larisa has talked about how a corporate professional can optimize LinkedIn profile to position herself as an authority in the field.
Even though social media marketing is not set in stone, and the key of success is in experimenting and testing of what works for your own business or personal brands and what does not, one should be aware of the basic rules and guidelines every online platform has. Besides, there are some tricks that make the process of setting online presence easier.
Larisa shared valuable practical advises of how to use these two platforms to build successful and profitable brands.
We continued to discover how to identify our own brand essence based on understanding the target audience and the environment around us. We finished the session with an interactive workshop where we all worked on our brand essence, presenting our results to each other.

The workshop was extremely engaged and active. We were all inspired by fellow business owners soaking up new ideas how to improve their business marketing. Discussions continued throughout the workshop to obtain further insights.

All participants received the presentation slide deck for future reference. Anyone we missed may request a copy from Austeja. Please contact her at austeja(at)garrisongroup.eu .